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The next Dr. Chordate Musical/Comedy/Science Review: Friday, October 30, at the Talking Horse Theater in Columbia MO. This show is a benefit concert for The Sewing Machine Project. 7:30pm, $15.

Recently Dr. Chordate wrote a song about the migration of sandhill cranes, considered one of the ten greatest biological spectacles, when as many as 500,000 of them gather along a 50 mile stretch of the Platte River in southcentral Nebraska toward the end of March/first of April. To hear a crude recording of this song (i.e., just Dr Chordate sitting in front of his computer monitor), click here.

Dr. Chordate wrote a song about Henrietta Lacks, the young black woman whose cervical cancer provided the first human cells that were extensively grown in culture, called HeLa cells all over the world. The book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot won many awards in 2010. To hear a basic recording of the song, click here or just to read the lyrics to this song, click here.

And for something completely different, i.e. a non-sience song, a link to a video of a song about the rapture that Dr. Chordate wrote is here.

*Check out DR. CHORDATE'S latest CD The View from the Pond: More Songs of Science here.

Search for Dr Chordate on YouTube, such as Eat a Toad or on MySpace Music such as here.

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Interesting reviews of Dr. Chordate have appeared in the VOX Magazine Dr Chordate's Lyrical Experiment, Portland Mercury, It Sure Is a Scientific World. and the Columbia Missourian The Sound of Science.

To hear tracks from the Groundhog CD, click: or the Parts Is Parts CD, click:

To purchase digital downloads of these tracks, go directly to Dr Chordate: Songs of Biology, Plus . . ., Dr Chordate: Parts Is Parts - More Songs of Science, Dr Chordate: Songs of Biology , Plus . . . or Dr. Chordate: Parts Is Parts - More Songs of Science at Apple iTunes, Dr Chordate: Songs of Biology , Plus . . . or Dr. Chordate: Parts Is Parts - More Songs of Science at, or any of 100 or so other sites. Just search for Dr Chordate on your favorite download supplier and buy as many tracks as you want!!

See the Some Song Lyrics page for lyrics to a variety of science-oriented songs.

A lot of folks have asked what Dr Chordate looks like (well, at least 2, anyway), so I have added a page of Dr. Chordate in Action which will have one or more recent photos for your viewing pleasure (new photos added April 8, 2009).

Some people have asked about Dr Chordate's trip to Cuba in October of 2008. To read a journal of that trip, follow this link Dr. Chordate in Cuba and find out what Dr, Mrs, and Courtney Chordate did on that two-week mission trip. For some photos taken during that trip to Cuba, visit Pictures of Cuba. Dr Chordate returned to Cuba in August of 2009 on another mission trip. Photos of that trip can be found at Dr Chordate's Flickr Photos of Cuba. (These Flickr photos are in reverse chronological order, so if you want to see things as they happened, go to the last page first and work back to the first page.)

And for something completely different, i.e., nothing to do with science, click here to hear Dr Chordate's "Truck Stop Woman".

And for something else completely different, i.e., nothing to do with science or truck stop women: for the last 15 years or so, I have been directing the Christmas program at my church (Millersburg Christian Church, Fulton MO). We usually buy something off the shelf from a publisher, and then I have to rewrite it to suit our church. So, one Christmas, I wrote my own show, complete with a special new song (music by Brent Moran) during which a Nativity scene is created. To see the script and lyrics to the special song, click here. I'm sure you will enjoy it. And if you would like to produce it at your church next Christmas, contact me (Dr Chordate) to get a copy of the music and/or CD of the music (for a nominal charge, of course).

In this business of writing "science songs" for educational/entertainment purposes, we occasionally run into copright issues (since some of our songs "may" be parodies or otherwise use some familiar tune or phrase). This is a link to an interesting web site about legal downloads and other copyright issues: Links to Tens of Thousands of Legal Music Downloads

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And for another completely different kind of humor, please visit the web site of my neighbor, Lewis Baumgartner, The World's Worst Farmer. (He really is, too! If you'd seen his wheat crop last year, you'd sure be thankful that man doesn't live by bread alone!).